Thursday, February 04, 2016

27 Iranian Kurdish Political Prisoners Are Sentenced to Death and Are Awaiting For The Execution ………...

The Kurdistan Human Rights Defenders in Iran Demanding From Officials To Drop These Death Sentences and Stop The Execution.

According to latest report and based on some local reports 27 Iranian -Kurdish political prisoners received death sentence and the sentencing is approved by judiciary.

These prisoners are mostly young and regime is accusing them of assaulting the officials of the Islamic regime including security forces or judiciary officials in their home based region and they are all of Sunni faith . These Kurdish political prisoners are all in Rejaei Shahr prison.

Their names are:

1- Kaveh Veisi
2- Behrouz Shanazari
3- Taleb Maleki
4- Shahram Ahmadi
5- Kaveh Sharifi
6- Arash Sharifi
7- Varia Ghaderifard
8- Keyvan Momeni-fard
9- Barzan Nasrollahzadeh
10- Alam Barmashti
11- Pouria Mohammadi
12- Ahmad Nasiri
13- Edris Nemati
14- Farzad Honarjou
15- Seyed Shahou Ebrahimi
16- Mohammad Yavar Rahimi
17- Bahman Rahimi
18- Mokhtar Rahimi
19- Mohammad Gharibi
20- Farshid Naseri
21- Mohammad Keyvan Karimi
22- Amjad Salehi
23- Omid Peyvand
24- Ali Mojahedi
25- Hekmat Sharifi
26- Omar Abdollahi
27- Omid Mahmoudi



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