Saturday, February 06, 2016

Jafar Khaefi A Wounded Veteran Of Iran-Iraq War Is Arrested At Night At His Home ……………20 Days To Iran's Parliamentary Election

According to news , Jafar Khaefi the wounded veteran of Iran Iraq war is arrested by security forces of the Islamic regime . The reason for his arrest , is because he has organized a campaign to say NO to the fundamentalist like Mohammad Sadegh Larijani from entering into the Assembley of Experts.

Mr. Khaefi is a political activist in Mazanderan Province supporting the moderates against Fundamentalists . His Campaign calls the people of Mazanderan to Say NO to Sadegh Larijani the current head of judiciary power.
Mr. Khaefi received the highest number of vote in the region of Miyandoroud as city council.


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