Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Story Of "Maryam Akbari Monfared " ...... IRAN WATCH CANADA: What A Cruel And Oppressive Regime, Taking Mojahedin's Family Members As Hostage ...

Maryam Akbari Monfared Was arrested on the holly Moslem Month of Ashura -during Iranian green movement protest in 2009 . She was sentenced by Judge Salavati to 15 years imprisonment. She has served 7 years out of her sentences .

Her older brother Reza Akbari Monfared who is 63 years old is also sentenced to 17 years imprisonment and now is in Rejaei Shahr prison.
In her letter from prison to Iran Wire , she wrote her and her family story . She wrote :

1- Her younger brother Abdolreza Akbari Monfared was arrested on 1980 when he was only 17 years old for charges of having a Mojahed publication. For this charges he was sentenced to three years imprisonment and was transferred to Gohar Dasht prison in Rejaei Shahr . He was executed during the 1987-88 mass political prisoners killing.

2- Gholamreza Akbari Monfared is her another brother who was arrested on 1983 and was executed two years later .

3- Alireza Akbari Monfared her third brother was also arrested on 1981 and was also executed same year in prison.

4- After the execution of Alireza and on a memorial night for him , her sister Rogheieh Akbari Monfared and her mother together with family and friends who were mourning were arrested and her mom was released after serving five months jail but her sister who was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment was executed during the mass political prisoners execution.

5- Her father Ali Osat Akbari Monfared died 11years ago after suffering of so much of pain from not being able to see his other son and daughter who were at the time in Camp Ashraf ( Mojahedin's Camp in Iraq ) and now in Albania .

In her letter from prison she added ,why she have decided now after spending seven years in prison to write the letter and demand for justice about the execution of her brothers and sisters .

She wrote : Now that i am writing this letter don't know what would be my destiny , but despite of knowing the consequences , i demand justice for all those political prisoners killed during the mass execution including my brother and sister.


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