Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Doctor Mohammad Malaki : The Ruling Power In Iran Has Reached To Its End And Is on It's Last Breath

According to news doctor Mohammad Malaki a Human rights defender and the former president of Tehran University after the revolution of 1979-80  said: " The ruling power in Iran has reached to its end and is talking its last breath"......

On Sunday speaking with " Dor TV " he said : In the last few month there are things that are being disclosed which i think are all related , like the disclosure of the astronomical salaries, the voice file from Ayatollah Montazeri , the events about Said Mortazavi , The moral decay of Said Toosi  and the last one was about the Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of judiciary powers' personal Bank Account ....All indication shows like the last days of the Pahlavi's regime .......

" if you look, on all these disclosure , you can find the foot print of the leader , and attack on the leader is getting more and more , and added to this is the daily protest by people from all walks of life in the society."

So the independent media must become active into this events and inform the people and keep it alive so that the Larijani brothers can't foray until everything become known in a court of justice.


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