Saturday, December 24, 2016

Arash Sadeghi After 61 Days Of Hunger Strike .....Arash Is Dying .........Where Is That Humanity And Human Rights ?

According to HRANA news , Last night Arash Sadeghi the Iranian political prisoner was taken  from Ward eight in Evin prison to Evin prison clinic and his blood pressure dropped to a very dangerously low level and had breathing difficulties , heart beat irregularities and vomited blood cloth....
Doctors recommended that the blood cloths are from his stomach and throats and must be immediately cleared from his stomach ....and they recommended that he must be taken to a hospital for endoscopy .

He has lost 19 kilogram due to hunger strike .

Iran Watch Canada : Arash is dying , does anyone care ? At present there are many Iranian political prisoners are on hunger strike like Arash in protest for justice and their rights.


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