Wednesday, December 14, 2016

French Cinema maker demanded for The Release Of Keyvan Karimi The Young Iranian Film Maker .....

French Radio International-

French cinema makers in a statement Those who have signed this statement demanded from the Islamic regime in Iran to release Keyvan Karimi the young Iranian film maker who was arrested and detained for just making the film " Neveshtan Bar Shahr" ( Wring On The City ).

Judiciary judges of the Islamic regime have sentenced Keyvan Karimi to a year imprisonment and 223 lashes.
Those who have signed this statement are the French film makers including film writers , directors, Cinema personalities and artists organizations.
Other artists from Germany , Netherland and European also demanded for the release of Keyvan Karimi.

In their statements they wrote: regime put the artists or journalists and writers in prison , because they do not like what they write .

Kelvin Karimi is 31 years old and he is a Kurdish - Iranian film maker. Earlier he was sentenced to five years imprisonment but because of international protest the sentencing reduced to one year imprisonment and 223 lashes.


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