Thursday, December 01, 2016

The Special Court Of Clergies Sentenced Ahmad Montazeri The Son Of Ayatollah Montazeri To 21 Years Imprisonment And Ordered him To Remove His Clergy Garment

Excerpt from "Dor TV " - 

 After the release of Ayatollah Montazeri's voice tape by his son Ahmad Montazeri , regarding the mass killing of the political prisoners in Iran in 1987 by Islamic regime , he was summoned to the special clergy court and was sentenced to 21 years imprisonment and life time ban on wearing the clergy garment. 

Mr. Ahmad Montazeri said ; the judiciary told him that  they have reduced 15 years imprisonment because of his martyred brother who was killed in a bomb blast in Islamic Republic Party meeting in early revolution days apparently by Mojahedin Khalgh . So total imprisonment he was given was 36 years but reduced 15 years because of his martyred brother . 

 This picture shows Ahmad Montazeri seated with some of the human rights advocates without wearing clergy garment

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