Wednesday, November 30, 2016

MP Doctor Mahmoud Sadeghi Is Summoned By Tehran Prosecutor .....

 Doctor Mahmoud Sadeghi is an MP from Tehran . In recent days because of his critical stands about a number of issues particularly on the release of Ayatollah Montazeri's voice tape on the mass killing of political prisoners in 1987 and the  issue regarding the corruption about the bank account of the judiciary power (Mohammad Sadegh Larijani is the head of the Islamic regime judiciary ), because of his question and demand that judiciary power must answer to the report , he is been summoned by Tehran prosecutor.
Ali Motahari ( L) - Mahmoud Sadeghi ( R)
This issue brought anger among Iranian people , that a prosecutor can summon and arrest an MP who spoke in the parliament about the issue. The first time , prosecutor ordered his arrest , but people and students gathered in front of his home at night and prevented this to happening , but now he is been summoned to go to prosecutors office. He is charged with creating disturbance among public and according to prosecutor there are eight plaintiff against him.
Now, Ali Motahari the deputy to parliamentary speaker in a letter to Jafari Dolatabadi Tehran prosecutor said:

" you are not in a position to question an MP . It is the job of the parliamentary board which supervise  the behaviour of the MP's . He also added that, why the prosecutor didn't bring all this complaint against the MP before he spoke about the disclosure of judiciary power's bank account or....."


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