Saturday, December 10, 2016

Kokab,Zahra And Narges Musavi On The House Arrests Of Their Parents : 6 Years Is a Big Number , Bigger Than Patience .......

Every human has a right to live with dignity ,we think  these three human being were deprived from their basic rights and their rights been violated............

News by Kalameh website- Excerpt from the interview .

Kokab , Zahra and Narges Musavi are the three daughters of Mirhossein Musavi and Zahra Rahnavard ( the leaders of the green movement )  on speaking to kalameh website said: 6 years is a big number , bigger than the patience , referring to the time or the number of years their parents have been under house arrest and apparently there has not been any change what so ever during the presidency of  Mr. Hassan Rohani the so called moderate Government. Six year house arrest and living in jail house without any due law process on what reason they have to go through this situation.
The daughters say, the only news they have is that, their mother's hand was broken and was under treatment and they have once every week access to their parents , other than that ,there are nothing new , life of living in jail house without any legal procedure.

We think sometimes our friends who are busy with their political game talk about their efforts to remove the house arrest or to prepare for a trial , but these are just words and nothing has changed , they are still under house arrest and in house jail .

Background - Mir Hostien Musavi and Mehdi Caroube were the presidential candidate in 2009 when the election cheating happened and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad became the president for the second term , but Iranian people poured into the street the next day by millions and denounced the election and the green movement was born . The protest continued for almost a year from 2009 onward and hundreds of young Iranian lost their lives during the protest including Neda Aghasultan who was just exercising her right to peaceful protest when shot to death and the video from the scene raged the people of the world against Islamic Regime in Iran. Also , thousands of Iranian including journalists and bloggers , student or human rights advocates were arrested and detained for years including Maziar Bahari the Iranian reporter living outside Iran .........


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