Wednesday, December 21, 2016

1200 People In Tehran Are Arrested On The Charges Of " Online criminals " .........

According to Mizan news , Hossein Sajedinia Tehran Chief of Police said: During the eight months in this year 1200 people in Tehran are arrested and he called them as " online criminals " .
He said: 986 of those committed the crime are men and 298 of them are women.

He named the crimes as : Publication of lies , distribution of wrong information, publication of film and  people's private pictures,...............

This was happening because in recent months the Ayatollahs  have spoke on more restriction on internet and online services. Ayatollah Khamenei also reminded the clergies that, " the main battle ground is the war on online and internet users" .

In another news Mr. Ali Asghar Ebadi Nik the chief of police of the intelligence and security of the Hormozgan province said: 32 people who were running the group activities in Telegram program and  social networking are arrested in Hormozgan province.
International Campaign for Human Rights announced that, there are 300,000 to 500,000 Iranian are members of programs like Telegram and all using it as non political and just recreational.
In the past Islamic regime have arrested many internet and online program users and imprisoned them on baseless charges......


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