Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Five Iranian Kurdish Political Parties : We Are Boycotting The Elections

According to news by Radio Farda, five Iranian Kurdish Political party's have signed a statement and boycotted the coming presidential election under Islamic regime.

Those political party's are:
Democratic Party Of Kurdistan
 Kumaleh Labours of The Kurdistan
 Kurdistan Kumaleh of  Iran
 Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran
Khabat Organization Of the Kurdistan of Iran
Kumaleh Branch Of the Kumunist Party Of Iran

The Website of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran said; The coming presidential election which is being held by the Islamic regime  can't be called as a free election " under any modern and democratic values " .

While the political parties are prevented from doing any political activities and free expression in Iran  under Islamic regime is a crime , and the Kurdish people are deprived from their rights , then participation in the election means to take away the Kurdish people's rights to decide on their own destiny and it also means to agree with the continuation of the Islamic Regime dictatorship..

These opposition political parties asked from the Kurdish citizens not to participate in the presidential and city council's .


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