Monday, May 08, 2017

Rahmatollah Jamshidi Larijani known as Iraj Jamshidi The Editor In Chief Of The Asia Economic Newspaper Is Arrested .......

According to news from Keyhan of London  , Journalist Rahmatollah Jamshidi Larijani known as Iraj Jamshidi the editor in chief of the Asia Economic Newspaper is arrested today Monday at his home . He was arrested this morning , when leaving his house .

Navid Jamshidi son of Iraj Jamshidi on speaking with Keyhan of London said: This morning three to four security agents together with a police officer arrested him while he was leaving the house and they have taken him to the prosecutor's office at Khark street and reason for his arrest is unknown .

Before the revolution Iraj Jamshidi had activities in journalism and he had activities with Khosro Golsorkhi's group which was consist of 12 members reading Marxist materials.

Iraj Jamshidi who was first sentenced to death by Shah's military court but later dropped the death sentence to 10 years imprisonment due to him expressing remorse . The group was accused by the regime of Shah for hostage taking of Shah's family members. Two members from that group were sentenced to death Khosro Golsorkhi and Keramatollah Daneshian .

It is been speculated that Rahmatollah Jamshidi Larijani is the cousin of Sadegh Amoli Larijani and Ali Larijani the speaker of the parliament.


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