Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Death Sentence For Doctor Ahmad Reza Jalali The Iranian - Swedish National ......


According to news the appeal court / superior court has approved the death sentence for the Iranian -Swedish National Doctor Ahmad Reza Jalali . He is now one step closer to the execution of the sentencing and death sentence.

Vida Mehran-nia the wife of doctor Ahmad Reza Jalali speaking with Radio Farda said, the particulars of this sentencing is not disclosed but two members of the superior court had approved the sentencing .

Doctor Jalali left Iran in 2009 and on May last he was invited by the Tehran University but on May last year he was arrested and is currently in prison.

The judiciary power accused him of spying for the Israel and revealing the name of two Iranian nuclear scientists to the Israeli officials .

Earlier the public prosecutor have told that , this person had meeting with two Mosad  Israeli agents and gave them informations about the nuclear and military sites and for doing so received money and visa to live in Sweden .....


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