Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Business In Many City's In Kurdistan- Iran , Kermanshah and West of Azarbayejan , Have Closed Their Businesses In Protest Against The Execution Of Three Kurdish Political Prisoners....

Euro News....

According to the news Many Iranian - Kurdish business went on strike by closing their business on protest against the recent execution of Three Kurdish political prisoners.

Some of the Kurdish political and human rights parties and organization have recently asked the business owners in all over Kurdistan to close their businesses ( strike ) in a protest against the execution of their fellow Kurdish political prisoners .Loghman Morandi, Zaniyar Morandi and Ramin Hossein Panahi .

Islamic regime in Iran have executed these political prisoners despite of cry from all over the world to stop the execution ....but regime ignored all and hanged the three political prisoners.

As a result of the call , many businesses in Kurdistan city and Kermanshah and west of Azarbayejan went on strike today y closing their business against the execution.

Because of businesses joining the strike, the police forces and the security agents from the ministry of information have appeared in all over Kurdistan city's since Tuesday and sprayed the doors of those who have participated in strike , probably for harassments or arresting those .


Iran Watch Canada:
They were political prisoners , meaning they were in prison...Why the regime put them to death all about creating fears among opposition and particularly the Kurdish political groups .......

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