Sunday, January 19, 2020

Canadian Government Should Not Trust the Islamic Regime In Iran ....

When Zahra Kazemi the Iranian photo journalist was killed by Iranian judiciary officials including Said Mortazavi Tehran prosecutor , Canada demanded the body of Zahra Kazemi be repatriated to Canada , but regime in Iran buried her body despite of the request by her son Stephan Hashemi ( Hachemi ) a Canadian living in Montreal.

Now,  the Canadian Government is demanding again the bodies of those Iranian - Canadian killed in Plane crash be repatriated to Canada , but despite of repeated request by Canadian Government , because of pressure , threat and intimidation by regime on families of those killed back in Iran , the crash victims particularly those Canadian -Iranian are buried in Iran under regime scrutiny . In this circumstances usually regime agents threatens families to keep silent and not to speak with media or else they would face punishment .

According to news coming from Iran , during the burial ceremonies in the city of Sanandaj ( In Kurdistan -Iran ) and in Isfahan , Tehran , Ghom , Hamedan, Sabzevar, gorgan, Malayer , Zanjan, Taft and other cities .....people with anger chanted : Khamenei is a murderer and his regime is not legitimate ......, Basiji , Sepahi ,you are our Daesh ........They have killed our smart / intelligent people and put / installed clergies on us instead...........and .....

In the city of Mahabad ( a Kurdistan city ) when the people were carrying the body of victims from the crash , removed the Islamic regime flag from the coffin .....also in the city of Kermanshah people chanted against the regime.

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