Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesday June 27,2006
News update-

Akbar Ganji in Germany !

At 11:00am Tuesday morning June 27,2006, Ganji attended in the office of Radio Germany (WDR) for a press conference , many German and Iranian reporters were present.

What did Ganji said in question and answer?

Q: About Ahmadinejad and his atomic policy?
In our country based on the constitution the power is in the hand of the leader , and whatever the president says is the opinion of the leader which comes out of his mouth, whatever the western hear is the opinion of the leader.

Q- In what situation is the democratic movement in Iran?
Sociologist believe on six condition for the movement and in our country two most important condition is missing , Organization & leadership.There are many forces in this movement , if we could add organization and leadership to this movement then the movement will gain speed. Today in our country violation of human rights is widely spread, there are reppression and censorship and obstinate arrest are continued , Mr. Osanlou the leader of the bus drivers union is now for months in solitary confinement, Mr. Jahanbegloo the freedom lover intellectual is in solitary confinement, Mr. Musavikhoeiniha from the student movement in the six parliament is in prison.Intellectuals have issued a statement and demanded for their freedom , they have used all possible ways to see them free but there is no result. Regime must release them otherwise we will stage hunger strike.

Q- Who are these " We":
We have a strong movement inside and outside the country who have three common openion, Democracy,Freedom and Human Rights. When i speak of " We " i'm talking about this movement.

Q- What kind of help the people outside of Iran do to the movement?
Because of suppression the voice from inside does not reach to the people outside of Iran , the first necessity is the people will learn about our situation and the Iranian in exile can help to this trend and for making the democracy we have no other choice than the Iranian inside and outside to become united........................

Q- Are you in favor of a religious democracy or secular democracy?
I don't believe in any religious government , we do not want either a religious government or a religious get involve in government .

Q- Are you going back to Iran and arent you worried that you might become arrested ?
Certainely i would return to Iran and i haven't done any crime and i have used my human rights of free expression. If the regime arrest me will face to the world civil society and this will be the expenses that I and them will pay. I will go to prison and they will recieve the condemnation of the world.

By "Rahaward" reporters:
Ms. Monireh Nikuie and Derakhshandeh
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