Sunday, September 10, 2006

4o days have passed since the death of Akbar Mohammadi in Evin prison and to commemorate this day in his birth place there were events which Mr. Kianush Sanjari documented in his weblog . IRAN WATCH CANADA translated this event from Gooya Newsonline.
We travelled for 3 hours from Tehran, It was 2:00pm when we arrived in the city of "Amol", stopped beside "Ghaem" circle and waited for Miss " M" to join us, When she arrived the "police event" of the 40th day has started:

While eating lunch with Mr. "A" and Ms. "M" we noticed the "security agents" are watching us ( everywhere they are with us and beside us ) , they were riding on a black color " Pride " car on the opposite side of the circle. We got in the car and moved toward "Amol's" old road to "Babol" to go to the village of "Changmian" , we could see them following us through the mirror , but when we noticed that we have lost the main road and gone to a secondary road the "police event" became more like comedy , because now the " security agents" were following people who have lost their way, we were stoping , were asking question, were driving in a road up and down two to three times and the " security agents " were doing the same .In short yesterday was a story , after an hour turning around ourselves , finally we found the main road and arrived in " Changmian " village.
Police and " security agents " had closed the road ending to the cemetery , many people who have come from Tehran or other places to " Chngemian" village , on their way , were stopped and were not able to go ahead, police were asking and then confiscating their ID and car registration , " Frahi Shandiz " as usual have been arrested by the plain cloth agents , while the agents were not watching i pulled his hand and got him in the car but the agent with " tiger style uniform " came and pulled him out again , we tried to take him with us but they didn't let , Mr. Khalil Bahramian ( the lawyer ) also arrived , we have also saw "Ms. Samieh" the wife of "Mr. Ahmad Batebi" ( a political prisoner) together with several other Ahmad's friends were stopped by police , Mr. Bahramian( lawyer ) by showing his professional ID cart were able to pass from the police check point and went toward the cemetery and finally after a while waiting , we drove behind the car of Akbar Mohammadi's relative and through a secondary farm road we arrived at the cemetery.
It was past three, people were gathered,we went straight to the grave of AKbar , who was now laying silent beside the farm , beside flower and meadow, streams and calmness,on a black grave stone his oppressed face was carved , Akbar's mom who still had her red dress was seating among the black dressed mourners and had her son's picture on her chest and under the sad sound of local-Mazen( a province in the north of Iran) wailing were crying ,The women were seated together and crying, I could not understand their language but like them, i too ,was crying . " Shaqayeq" the niece of Akbar went among people and red a letter for her uncle, she told to her uncle that : Uncle , It is now 40 days that you have flew and at night i look at sky and see the stars , which one are you? She said i'm your silenced throat and cry , I love you uncle.
Then it was Akbar's father turn, he red poems, spoke and cried for his son who was now buried under the soil , and complained from the " securities" who have treathened him and have told him not to let his son's 40th day commemoration to have political and anti government color or smell. He complained that they dont leave them alone , perhaps because of him complaining, the security official of the province attacked the cameraman who was filming the event and took his camera away , when Akbar's father protested, he said: you should'nt have complained , and i thought may be the securities expected Akbar's father should have thanked the official for the death of his son in the Islamic Republic's prison, when the security official attacked on the cameraman who was a relative of Akbar , the father and mother of akbar appoached him and started to talk to him , the agent who had the camera left the cemetery and a few Akbar's relative followed him, but at the end i did not know what had happened to the camera and film?It was 6:00pm and the ceremony has come to an end , we returned to Akbar Mohammadi's home, Manuchehr ( Akbar's brother who was also in Evin prison but now there are news the he has left the country) called and became aware of the ceremony , he was sad, he spoke with his mom and dad, he was relieved , we were seated and " Siamak " an old friend of Akbar red poem, and dedicated his painting to Mohammadi's family , in the painting the buirds were flying although with broken and bleeding wings.

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