Tuesday, September 05, 2006

News in brief -
Gooya Newsonline have reported that Mr. Valiullah Feizmahdavi a political prisoner of "Rejaei Shahr" prison in the city of "Karaj" fell unconscious to brain hemorrhage.

After 9 days of hunger strike Mr. Valiullah Feizmahdavi fell to brain hemorrhage and was transfered to a hospital outside the prison .

According to Gooya Newsonline reporting from "Student Committee defending political prisoners" , the cell mates of Mr. Feizmahdavi were trying to get information about him but the prison authorities were ignoring them but later in the evening the "Herasat " of prison ( security) informed them that Mr. Feizmahdavi had a "brain death" .
It is needed to say that , last night while unconscious Mr. Feizmahdavi was transfered to the prison clinic in " Rejaei Shahr " and the doctors noticed that he had a heart attack but were able to revive his heart but later again he lost conscious and this time he fell to "brain death ".

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