Saturday, September 02, 2006

News in brief-

Regime continues its pressure on students !

Gooya Newsonline reported from "Amir Kabir Newsletter" that due to the continues and extensive protest in last May -June by the "Amir Kabir University" students ( formerly Tehran Polytechnic ) , in other word from the begining of summer season and the start of universities holiday a strong wave of pressure and clashes with student activists has started in this university which the last instance was the summoning of many students to the diciplinary committee of the university.Because of the holiday there are no exact number of students who have been summoned to the committee, but the report indicate that in an unprecedented action at least 25 student activists simultanuesly were summoned to the diciplinary committee.
Several of these students recieved sentences in their absence without being able to defend themselves, the sentences were such as : suspension from continuing their education for two semester with calculation of the year. The name of students who have recieved the summons are :

Mr. Ali Azizi
Mr. Armin Salmasi
Mr. Babak Zamanian
Mr. Bijan Pouryousefi
Ms. Sedigheh Bigdeli
Mr. Farhad Nuri
Mr. Navid Delbari
Mr. Ehsan Mansuri
Mr. Abbas Hakimzadeh
Mr. Ali Kargar
Mr. Ali Saberi
Mr. Ali Kamijani
Mr. Soheil Ziaei
Ms. Nasibeh Hajilari
Mr. Mohsen Sohrabi
Mr. Nariman Mostafavi
Mr. Alireza Gharehgozlu
Mr. Mehdi Mashyekhi
Ms. Matin Meshkin
Mr. Mostafa Ghafuri
Mr. Tohid Ali Ashrafi
Ms. Samieh Mirasheh
Mr. Hamed Ebrahimi

The committee as well banned 11 student publications which were critical .

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