Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The death of another political prisoner is confirmed !
According to the news report from Mr. Ahad Tajadod the Roozonline writer , just after one and a half months after the death of Mr. Akbar Mohammadi in Evin prison in Tehran , yedterday the judiciary officials have confirmed the death of Mr. Valiullah Feizmahdavi another political prisoner in " Shariati hospital" in Tehran .
"ILNA " news agency by quoting from prison officials reported that Mr. Feizmahdavi on Sunday has tried to hang himself in the bath room of the cell in " Rejaei Shahr " prison in the city of Karaj but failed to suceed in doing suicide and the prison agent after noticing the situation have transfered him to " Shariati Hospital " in Tehran but he has passed away before noon time today .
Mr. Mohammad Sharif the lawyer of Mr. Feizmahdavi in speaking with ILNA have said : On Sunday I attended to the sentencing division number six of Tehran Court of Revolution and they have told me that the death sentence of my client haven't changed to imprisonment . He said that my client was charged because of his relation with Mojahedin Khalq Organization and according to the priliminary court hearing and what the judge has said was that my clients while coming back from Iraq to Iran had explosives in his possestion and was arrested because of this.
Three days ago , Mr. Bina Darabzand one of the political activist in Iran who have spent alot of time in " Rejaei Shahr " prison and was cell mate with Feizmahdavi and was closely following his hunger strike have told to Rooz reporter that : "On Wednesday Valiullah called me and told me that the prison officials are not paying attention to my demands and for the last time i'm going to write a letter and in it I will officially announce my demands and if they ignor this time i will go on hunger strike ".
Mr. Bina Darabzand has rejected what Mr. Sohrab Soleymani the general manager of the prisons in Tehran province have said abot the suicide by Mr. Feizmahdavi . Mr. Darabzand said Feizmahdavi did not comit suicide but because of 9 days of hunger strike he fell to this situation.

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