Monday, September 11, 2006

Cartoon by : Nik ahang Kowsar

Donkey( media watch dog) is eating " Sharq" newspaper

Again there are very disturbing news coming from Iran !

Since the last presidential election and the presidency of Ahmadinejad his attack on cultural progression has been intensified, the first thing he did when he become president was to remove all officials that were appointed by or during reformist government of president Khatami , then he moved on and changed all the governors and appointed military personnel for those position,his next step was to remove all university professors who were liberal minded or had independent views in politics despite of protest by the students, he then started to forcefully nominating students to run students organization in the university campuses, Non -Governmental organizations , journalists , writers were also the target of this president and now he started to follow the footstep of Said Mortazavi the then judge of press court 1410 , known as the butcher of media , just since yesterday three magazin and newspapers were banned , among them " Sharq newspaper ", " Hafez" which was a nationalist magazin and the monthly " Nameh" . In a statement issued by the "media watch dogs " it has come that : Sharq newspaper has repeatedly violated the guideline prepared by the board and particularly they have published an insulting cartoon in its recent issue insulting the " Azari " people, Hafez magazin was closed because it was provoking nationalist sentiments and monthly " Nameh " was banned because it has published a poem of madame Simin Behbehani the " poet lady of Iran ".

This president like George Bush, both religious conservative, was mysteriously elected and has introduced agendas that are totally confusing and not for solving world problems but instead causing problems is what comes out of their policies, both of them taking advantage from the situation which would become a daily topic for their speeches during the term of their presidencies , one using 9/11and Al-qaeda and the other speaking of NUK , but in fact what they are doing is also common , Ahmadinejad is making noise on NUk and at the same time suppressing the young civil rights movement in Iran and what George Bush is doing is underminig human rights in US . They are confusing you, read between the lines , wash your eyes & see with gods eye . See what they have done for their country !? need a private place to think?

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