Wednesday, February 28, 2007

News in brief-
Members of the "Association of Holy Turks of Ardebil in the city of Qom" ( Anjoman Turki Moqadas Ardebili in Qom) are summoned to Ministry of Information!
Several active Turkish members in the city of Qom once again been summoned to Ministry of Information. Mr. Yusef Soleymani who was summoned and interrogated during last two days , today Tuesday once again been summoned. Also, Mr. Mehdi Molaie after spending three days in detention once again on Tuesday was summoned for interrogation. According to an informed sources five other active members of the association have been summoned to Ministry of Informaion and if it was necessary we will bring you their names.
Apparently Mr. Yusef Soleymani 44 years of age who is a photographer and is interested in Turkish literature and culture was charged for organizing "aniversary of 21 Azar" which is about the formation of democratic government of Azarbayejan headed by Mr. Pishevari right after second world war.

In another news a student who was detained for seven days in the city of Qom was released from prison.Mr. Reza Darjazini a grade ten student said; while in Ministry of Information detention he was encountered unfair treatment and was insulted . Reza who was expelled from school has return to school with a written undertaking by his father who is a clergyin the city of Qom .

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