Friday, September 14, 2007

Short commententary : IRAN WATCH CANADA
Mr. Ahmadinejad in a meeting with his cabinet have said : "Government officials, make public meeting with people in the holy month of Ramadan." - - Setember 13, 2007
When this president speaks like this , the people think the opposit is going to happen and feel more arrest , imprisonment and public hanging is underway.
One must ask Mr. Ahmadinejad that, No , thank you, just leave us alone. Whether how much Iranian people believe him or not is left to a referendum , if his government dare to do that.
"An official from the Ministry of Education reported on the distribution of 80,000 Tuman bonus to the teachers." -reported - September 13, 2007

Short commentary :

Teachers Power !
Teachers Union in Iran showed their power. After months of protest the regime has decided to give to the 1,100,000 teacher a matterial bonus worth of 80,000 Tuman . A 600,000 Tuman loan has been also given to the 20% of teachers. This means teachers power .

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