Monday, December 03, 2007

The regime is scared of yet another student uprising!

News in brief-
Monday December 3,2007

Student Committee Reporting Human Rights: Widespread arrest of students in Tehran and Mazanderan !
After widspread arrest of students the other day , Mr.Behrooz Karimizadeh the student of Tehran University was also arrested this morning.
The security agents attended to the house of this student activist and after searching his home , arrested him. The other student houses also were searched by the security agents today.
There are no news about which prison these students are being held. The family of Mr. Said Habibi denied the news about knowing where their son is being held. They said they don't know where their son is . The informed sources believe that the student might be possibly held in the cell number 209 of the Evin prison.
The leftist students of Tehran University announced that; they would gather on the ocassion of " Shanzdahe Azar" a commemoration day of students in Iran which take place every year on December 7 . Because of this the regime , started arresting the activist students.Many of this students have been also summoned by the ministry of information.
Sadra Pirhayati, Morteza Eslahchi, Kaveh Abasian, Mohsen Ghamin, Babak Pasha javid , Musavi and Parisa Nasrabadi are the students who have been summoned by the ministry of Information.
From Mazandaran province also five students from Mazandaran University have been arrested. According to news report Milad Moeini, Arash Pakzad, Hassan Maarefi and Behrang Zandi also been arrested by the security agents.
It is needed to add that; yesterday Said Habibi ( member of the Student Committee Reporting Human Rights ) , Elnaz Jamshidi, Anusheh Azadbar, Mehdi Grailu and Nader Ahsani were also arrested by the security agents.
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