Friday, January 25, 2008

Activists for Human Rights and Democracy in Iran:
The life of Doctor Seyed Mostafa Alavi the imprisoned researcher is in great danger !

According to the news from Gohardasht prison ( In the city of Karaj), Doctor Seyed Mostafa Alavi is a medical doctor ,founder of an association called the "Association of Iranian Experts" ,he is a researcher and writer was arrested with an order from "Hasan Zare Dehnavi " known as "Judge Hadad" and was transfered to the ward # 209 in Evin prison.He was captive for several months in this horrendous ward.In September Doctor Alavi was transfered to the ward number # 7 in Evin prison and after a while he was transfered to Gohardasht prison.This prison is one of the most worse prison in Tehran and its condition is medieval.

Doctor Alavi started his hunger strike from January 10,2008 and in a statement explained his reasons for the hunger strike which was published in media. These are the reasonsfor his hunger strike:
For not separating and classification of the prison
For preventing medical treatment
For illegal transfering of prisoners from prison to prison
For illegal transfering of prisoners from one ward to another
For the none existance and lack of security for prisoners life

Doctor Alavi is on the 13th days of his hunger strike. The hunger strike and his acute illness damaging his eye sight and his heart and kidney problems are on the rise. His activities are reduced due to this condition. On top of this; he his diabetic and has to use ansulin injection.From the day of the hunger strike ansulin hasn't been injected to him. The acute illness and hunger strike put the life of this researcher in great danger.

Mr. Alavi's rights to have visitors and any contact to his family by phone been banned by " Haj Kazem" the head of the "Gohardasht prison". Despite of his deteriorating health condition , he has been brought daily to the "security intelligence" for threat and interrogation by Ali Mohammadi the deputy to the head of the prison and Mr. Khadem ( security intelligence) and Mr. Torabi (the inspector general of the prison and the last chief of the ward #4 of the prison).

While the cold is on the ridse in the winter the prison officials disconnected the heating facility and the hot water. The windows glasses of the wards are broken and no one is trying to fix it. The food condition is deteriorating by quality and quantity. The prison officials have removed red and white meet, fish , fruits and vegetables from daily food and in recent days they have put ration on sugar cube and even bread.The policy of the prison official is this : If we the regime are going to be economic sanctioned , you the prisoners must pay the price first.

The Activists of Human Rights and Democracy in Iran request from all human rights organization around the world to help save the life of the political prisoners and particularly this researcher .

The Association of Iranian Experts was established in 2006 with the official licence from the Ministry of Interior yet one of Mr. Alavi's charge is the establishment of illegal organization. The members of this association are all the academic-scientific personalities.

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