Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Islamic Republic of lies & fake degrees !
Human rights organization around the world must take stronger approach against Islamic Republic when human rights violation in Iran becomes a daily routine and systematic. The dramatic scene of religious despotism over defensless people who love to have a peacefull life and freedom,the systematic violation of their human rights and the world particularly the UN for not being able to control and punish the Islamic Republic makes the human rights issues in Iran more like a Comedy -tragic theater.
Just a few days ago in UN, Ahmadinejad the president of the Islamic Republic spoke about countries that violate the human rights of others and praised his own regime, as if nothing was happening in his own country against his own people and by his own orders.This shows the availability of the world democratic institutions podium to opprressors and dictators who repeatedly violate the rights of their own people and other nations could become dangerous for misleading the world public.
In another instance we see Ahmadinejad seating face to face with Larry King in CNN and lying repeatedly.
One thing is clear that, with the help of Iranian exile the world is coming to realize they can no longer trust on Islamic Republic officials. They seat in front of you, looking into your eye and lie.

by reading the IRAN WATCH CANADA a tip of the iceberg on violation of human rights comes to your attention.


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