Thursday, September 18, 2008

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Kurdish students and human rights activists are on their 25th day of hunger strike!
Lets not to forget the Kurdish political prisoners .

Particularly , not to forget three Kurdish women's human rights activists who are also in prison and has joined the hunger strike. They are: Ms. Fatemeh Goftari, Ronak Safarzadeh and Hana Abdi . They are in Sanandaj city prison.

Human rights NGO's around the world must support the Kurdish human rights activists who are on their 25th days of hunger strike. They have started their hunger strike in the Islamic Republic prisons ( Tehran, Karaj, Sanandaj, Orumieh and Mahabad ) from August 25,2008. According to the news more than 100 political prisoners have joined in this hunger strike.
For restricting the news coming from prisons , the Islamic Republic has banned the internet in Kurdish city's. The regime also forced the coffee nets to closure.After a few prisoners told about their hunger strike , the regime totally cut off the telephone conversation between prisoners and their families.

The Kurdish political prisoners hunger strike coincide with the mass killing of political prisoners by the Islamic Republic 20 years ago.

Islamic Republic regime has sentenced 8 Kurdish human rights activists to death
These Kurdish human rights activists are:

Farzad Kamangar - Teacher & human rights advocate
Adnan Hassanpoor
Heiva Butimar
Ali Heidarian
Arsalan Oliyaei
Habibolah Latifi
Farhad Vakili
Anvar Hosain Panahi

There are other Kurdish human rights activist in Islamic Republic prisons. They are:
Mohammad Sediq Kabudvand secretary of the Kurdish Human Rights organization
Yaser Goli
Hedayat Ghazali
Sabah Nasri
Hana Abdi
Ronak Safarzadeh
Zeynab Bayazidi
Saman Rasulpoor
Khosro Kurdpoor

Two of the Kurdish political prisoners in Sanandaj city prison Mr. Arsalan Oliyaei and Mr. Anvar Hosain Panahi are in bad health and need to be transfered to the hospital.The Islamic Republic has sentenced these two political prisoners to death.These two Kurdish political prisoners also joined their colleagues in hunger strike.

The Islamic Republic prison officials in Orumieh city prison have transfered nine political prisoners who have also joined the general hunger strike to solitary confinement. The name of
these prisoners are:

Morad Diyar
Mostafa Aliahmad
Balal Chiligar
Nahad Tonjehr
Omar Chaparaz
Jomhour Ozguch
Ehsan Tapuz
Yousef Etsaz

In the past 37 political prisoners from this prison (Orumieh city prison ) have announced their hunger strike.

Mr. Farhad Vakili who have also joined the hunger strike , in his 12th days of hunger strike he was transfered to the ward number # 209 (solitary confinement) . The report indicate that he is now out of that solitary confinement and the prison officials have transfered him to ward number # 8 in Evin prison.

Kurdish student Mr. Khazar Rasul Morovat is a student of literature from the University of Orumieh have been sentenced to three years prison term. Salar Yareh is another student who have been sentenced to six months prison term . Khazar together with his student Mr. Salar Yareh were on their way from their village when the revolutionary guard (Sepahe Pasdaran ) opened fire on them and both were wounded. Khazar was also a teacher of Kurdish language.

Association of Human Rights Defenders in Iran has requested the political prisoners to end their hunger strike and stay healthy.

More on Kurdish political prisoners in previous post of the IRAN WATCH CANADA.

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