Thursday, September 11, 2008

Islamic Republic regime in Iran is afraid of people's uprising?

In recent years if closely looking at the situation in Iran , one can easily understand that the Islamic Republic is unable or can no longer continue to suppress the "movement for human rights and democracy " as in its early political lifetime.

Looking at the situation , reading between the line , reading their lips and body language, all shows that they have become scared of Ahmadinejad's continuous suppression of the student movement, women's movement, workers movement, teachers movement and minorities demand for human rights . They are always cautious it might backfire. One thing is clear , that despite of Khamenei's support for Ahmadinejad government he is not going to be elected again as the president of Iran in the next election.

The failure of the government to pass its recent bill for families in the legislature, the release of three students of Amirkabir University from prison , the changes in Zanjan University ,the reaction against the employers in Alborz Tire factory in Islamshahr , the disaproval of more than 10 cabinet minister of Ahmadinejad's cabinet , the forged degrees of the universities in Iran and around the world by the Islamic Republic officials, and many many more weaknesses shows that the Iranian people are in a crucial moment in their decision making for expanding their movement for " human rights and democracy " .

Adding to this is; the Islamic Republic is in its worse shape in International arena:

Islamic Republic is in the list of top five countries for killing its people.

Islamic Republic rank 2nd in the world for sending its teenagers to the gallows.

Islamic Republic for Its financial and moral support of Hezbullah, Hamas , Sader and many other radical Islamists.

Increase in inflation ,
expenditure in military ,
shortages of food products ,
rising cost of food and rent,
rising price of gas
increase in poverty line,
families fear for their childeren's security; particularly their teenage and young daughters.

There are so many factors which shows that the Islamic Republic is taking one step backward. In the last three years Ahmadinejad government was on the offenssive and still trying to do so.

But that fear of backfire !?
Iranian people know what they must do , and when.

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