Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What about the secret relation between the 12th Imam and the Islamic Republic's officials?

A 17 year old boy claimed that he has connection with the 12th Shiite imam ( Imam Mehdi) who is absent. The Shiiet moslem beleive that ; the 12th imam will appear when the world is in crisis.

After claiming and speaking in a mosque for a gathering he was picked up by the security agent for questioning.

Another man from Mazanderan province also claimed that he has secret relation with 12th Imam. He said : he has secret relation with 12th Imam since he was 25 years old.

The regime arrested these people and called them as impostors.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the president of the Islamic Republic also believe that he has secret connection with the 12th Imam.

Why Ahmadinejad and other Ayatollah's in the city of Qom who claime have secret relation with 12th Imam weren't picked up for questioning .

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