Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Imprisoned Kurdish teacher Farzad Kamangar in a photo with his student. At present Farzad is in Ward number 206 of Evin prison and is under interrogation and pressure.

There are more than one million teachers in Iran .
More than 10 members of the Teachers coordinating council of all over Iran has been arrested!
According to the news , a few hours ago security agents has entered into the teachers unio session and has arrested more than 10 teachers coordinating council members.
This meeting was called by the teachers union and was held in the house of one of its member and was participated by teachers from different city's.The members arrested were all member of the teachers coordinating council from all over Iran and they were arrested by the plain cloths agents.
until now the names of the people arrested are not known, but the following people's arrest has been approved:
Mr. Akbari, Mr. Baghani, Mr. Beheshti, Mr. Niknejad, Mr. Zainalzadeh, Mr. Noori, Mr. Qoreishian and Mr. Fallahi.


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