Monday, September 15, 2008

Appointed Ahmadinejad's team of managers clearing the government media from independent minded journalists!
Ahmadinejad's government continue its attack on journalists !
Is this a policy which has been dictated to Ahmadinejad government by the expediency council or it is the arbiterary decision of the Ahmadinejad and his circle.
According to the news the government of Ahmadinejad has appointed managers for the news agency's like IRNA and Iran newspaper ( these are pro government agency's ) . These managers has started a new round of layoff and early retirement of journalists who are critical to the government of Ahmadinejad.
So far IRNA has changed its managers for three times and in less than six months all the past managers of this news agency has been removed from their post.
One of the journalist emphasized: With the order of new managers in IRNA all the people who were working in IRNA as managers or had sensitive post in IRAN have time until end of September to retire ( early retirement).
Last Week the file of at least 18 official personel of the IRNA (News Agency) was sent to the human resources to finalize their early retirement.
Some of the journalists and managing editors in protest to this trend of expulsion , layoff, and forced early retirement has created a blog to speak about their situation.
According to Ahmad Jalali Farahani one of the oldest working journalist In Iran Newspaper 59 journalists have been either expelled ,resigned or discussed on pakages for early retirement.


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