Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ayatollah Kazemaini Brujerdi was sentence to 11 years imprisonment!

With an order by security and intelligent agents of the Islamic Republic , a dissent moslem clergy and his four follower were sentenced to prison term and to internal exile.
Ayatollah Kazemaini Brujerdi has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in a prison in Yazd city prison.
His four follower : Mr. Masud Samavatian to five years imprisonment to Khoram Abad city prison,
Mr. Alireza Montazersaheb to four years imprisonment in Kermanshah city prison, Mr.Habib Ghovati four years imprisonment to Hamadan city prison and Mr. Majid Alsaty to four years imprisonment to Zanjan city prison.
Ayatollah Brujerdi was sentenced in a "court of clergy " a division in the "court of revolution".
Recently the security agents tried to force him seat in front of the TV camera to confess and express his regret about his critical views on Islamic Republic.
Ayatollah Brujerdi is a clergy critical to the Islamic Republic ruling in Iran . He emphasizes to the separation of religion and politics . After spending two years in prison , he is still under torture and interrogation. The human rights defenders are worried about the deteriorating health condition of this clergy and doctors inside the prison has recomended to the prison officials for his need for treatment in one of the hospital outside the prison. The news that are coming from prison indicate that; the regime is planning to sentence him for 10 years imprisonment and an additional internal exile.
Two years ago Ayatollah Kazemain Brujedi was arrested in his home after speaking to a Street gathering.Together with him at least 300 of his follower was also arrested and were sent to prison.Later many of the follower were released from prison but him and 17 of his follower were sentenced to death.This sentencing was later reduced because of international outcry.
In addition to 11 years imprisonment to Yazd city prison , the regime has confiscated all of his assets and properties.

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