Saturday, November 22, 2008

Where is Hossain Derakhshan?
For the last two weeks some of the Iranian web writers, bloggrs and journalists inside and outside Iran were talking about the disappearance of Hossain Derakhshan a blogger who actually for the first time introduced a model of writing Farsi in blogs.

On the night of October 21 Hossain Derakhshan entered in Iran as he wrote in his blog ( :" I have returned- The night before last night I arrived in Tehran and as many including myself were guessing; my passport in a usual and legal way was confiscated. Now, this week I have to go and take action which of course means naturally to go through questions and based on the foresight I have to wait."
He added: "But in any way their encounter was very friendly .They neither search my luggage and nor even search me physically. And now, in these one or two days I have gone wherever I wanted and have contacted with many new and old friends and have met them , and haven't encountered with any problems."

In another writing earlier in his blog on October 17,2008 with the title " quiet return " he wrote: " But I have a request to ask ; whatever I face with security or judiciary system in Iran ; I do not want to become a cudgel in the hands of charlatan human rights businessman in America and Europe, what isn't important for them is the human rights of others."

Here are some excerpt from his blog editor myself ( in English:

1- “Excerpt: Ali Kordan’s cost for Ahmadinejad’s discourse of justice and his anti-corruption stance is way more than its benefit. He should fire him, before Majlis acts.”

2-“Excerpt: Iran has become more tolerant for people who are patriotic, but not religious enough”

3- “ Excerpt: One Million signature campaign is a U.S. State Department project.”

4-"Excerpt: It's incredible how a group of foreign-funded 'human rights activists', such as Hadi Ghaemi and Shirin Ebadi and their gang on the internet are making a martyr of Yaqoub Mehnahad, a member and collaborator of a terrorist and separatist group, Jondollah, that is is responsible for dozens of murders. Yes, he has been a journalist and an activist, but the basis for the verdict was his collaboration with and membership in a terrorist and separatist group. I'm against capital punishment myself, but these people are against anything Iran does, not just teh form of punishment. I wonder how other countries treat similar members of outlawed terrorist organizations backed by their enemies' funds. "
Another version:
[In another article with a title : “1984 in Iran : Murderer is the journalist , Terrorist civil rights activist”, about a Baluchi journalist & blogger Yaghub Mehrnahad who was sentenced to death by the Islamic Republic judiciary and the sentence was carried out and many human rights organizations around the world including International campaign for human rights in Iran condemned Islamic Republic for doing so, in an attack to campaign’s head Mr. Hadi Ghaemi he wrote:
“But these disgraceful people like Hadi Ghaemi and his phony human rights campaign with the expenses perhaps given by Mrs. Rice through government of Netherland ……( See how this bastard is spreading lies in all over the world again …That, ah world , the barbaric government of Iran has sent an innocent Baluchi and Sunni religion journalist to death .” ]

Mr. Derakhshan’s website is full of article defending the most ruthless faction of the Islamic Republic .

Therefore , Iranian are divided into two or more groups when comes to Hossain Derakhshan. Some support him and others believe that he is one of the regime's novice. Mr. Derakhshan himself played a very controversial role when it com’s to his position towards the Islamic Republic. By looking at his writings in his blog ( ) he had in fact supported the most radical faction ( Khamenei and Ahmadinejad )of the Islamic Republic and against the more moderate so far.

Despite of all, He is now disappeared in Iran and his mom is silent to the media and he himself asked not to write anything if he is arrested. Iran Watch Canada is concern about his whereabout and safety .

Some believe this arrest may be a play or game by the Islamic Republic information ministry and it might become a scenario against social and human rights activists in Iran.


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