Sunday, March 29, 2009

A letter from Mr. Brujerdi an imprisoned Iranian clergy to Mr. Hashemi Shahrudi the head of Islamic Republic Judiciary power!

It is now 30 months that I am in prison and have been from prison to prison and ward to ward in Tehran and Yazd city and have becom really ill and unhealthy. I was six months in solitary confinement in cell 209 with mental and physical burden.
They have always denied and didn't pay attention to my request for an independent reporters without borders and lawyers and were silent to bring independent doctors to see me.They have confiscated my properties and caused problems for my family . I have heard ; when they are going to kill someone gradually , they send them to Yazd prison which is known as "Sekandar prison". They have made solitary confinement for me in this placeand have cut off my phone line. How can you speak about the "justice of Ali"? ( one of Shiite Imam and son in law of Mohammad ) . According to United Nation principle which your government is a signatories , the political prisoners ward must be separated from the criminals.........
Now, for the last time ,i would like to speak to you that during this three years that i was the hostage , i have becom ill , old and unable and feel the death every day.

wishing that freedom , independent and democracy rule .

Signed by: Seyed Hossain Kazemini Brujerdi


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