Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mortazavi is appointed as deputy to prosecutor general of the country!

1-According to Fars news agency the " sepah pasdaran" news agency , Sadegh Larijani the newly appointed head of judiciary power appointed Said Mortazavi as the deputy to prosecutor general of the country!

Iranian people are asking Larijani and Khamenei that how many more Mortazavi should murder to become the prosecutor general of the country?

Spit on this judicial system, says Iranian!

2- Ayatollah Montazeri have said: Without a free election , the "vali -faghih" ( jurisprudent guardian or spiritual leader as like Khamenei's position)has no validity !
Since Khamenei decided to chose force to stay in power , his position is not acceptable.

3-karubi the "Kamikaze clergey" has asked the people to resist and stay in the streets and to continue their struggle.He said; we are all in a difficult situation but we have to resist.The news coming from Iran indicate that, on the night of September 8 which is a holy night , Mr. Khatami, Karoubi and Musavi together with Mr. Hassan Khomeini the grand son of Ayatollah Khomeini are going to be in the khomeini's shrine and from now a protest route has been selected by some organizers to protest against the regime of coup d'etat.


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