Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Neda Aghasoltan's mom is arrested by security agents while protesting in "Hafte Tir " Square!

According to one news: "Hafte Tir" Square in Tehran where Mr. Karoubi promised to participate in the protest , the coup d' etat regime forces used tear gas.

Another news:
Intense clashes have been reported at Mofatah- Motahari crossing and people are chanting " death to dictator " in and around streets.

Earlier report indicated that students of Tehran University were prevented to go to the Streets. Now reports are coming that Tehran University students have exited the university and are chanting " Death to dictator " and " Till Ahmadinejad is the president , there will be protest everyday ". Clashes have been also reported around university of Tehran.

Mir Hossein Musavi is going to join the protest in Valei asr - Taleghani Street at 10 am.

The regime has closed some of the Subway Metro's : Hafte Tir- Taleghani- Beheshti ... 9:00 am ( Tehran time)

In the city of Semnan, the people are writing slogan on the walls of the city!


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