Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bloggers Against the Death Penalty call to save the life of Mohammad Amin Valian

Mohammad Amin Valian, 20, was arrested on January 12, in Damghan after he published an article in a student newspaper at the University of Damghan. He was not allowed visitation nor he was able to have a legal representative. He was taken to the court directly from the solitary confinement of the Revolutionary Guard's prison.The death penalty is based on a photo of Mohammad Amin, taken on Ashura day. He was given false information and has been under so much mental and physical pressure that he said in his court (quote from ISNA):" When I was in prison, I saw on TV the trial of the reformist leaders"!Bloggers Against the Death Penalty (BADP), call on the international community to pressure the Iranian government to reverse the unjust penalties given to the students and innocent people, which are aimed to terrorize the Iranian people and prevent them from participating in protests.We are urging the members of the UN High Commission of the Human Rights to use all their power to save Mohammad Amin's life. We ask that the countries all around the world suspend all relations with the Iranian government until Iran stops the executions. We demand that Iran's dossier of severe abuse of human rights be referred to the UN security council as soon as possible. We call on the bloggers all around the world to raise their voices to save the life of Mohammad Amin and all the political prisoners in Iran.
Bloggers Against the Death Penalty
CC:HE Ban Ki Moon
HE Navii PilayUN High Comission of Human Rights
EU Comission of Human Rights
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch


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