Thursday, March 04, 2010

Navi-Pillay the High Commissioner of UN Human Rights Council:We are worried about the situation of Human Rights in Iran!

Navi-Pillay the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights today ( Thursday March 4 ) in a speech in Geneva have told to the reporter that; she has spok with the representative of the Islamic Republic about the deteriorating situation of Human Rights in Iran and she demanded that representatives of UN human rights council be allowed to go into Iran and monitor the human rights situation.

She said: I'm still worried about the situation of Human Rights in Iran. The opposition are being suppressed in Iran, protesters,political activists,human rights advocates and journalists have been arbiterarily arrested.

Madam Navi-Pillay said: Many people have been brought on trial and were sentenced to long time prison term and execution because of their protest to the questionable result of presidential election .


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