Saturday, May 29, 2010

Islamic Republic regime in Iran has executed 5 Iranian in the northern city of Rasht !

We are close to the anniversary of election coup d'etat by Ahmadinejad-Khamenei on June 12 last year.People in the green movement are preparing for protest on that day. Regime also preparing itself to suppress the protest. No one knows what will happen on that day.But for creating fear among the people regime has turned on executing the captive prisoners and on that note ;last Monday regime again executed another five prisoners in the city of Rasht. According to the report, one of those who was executed was women. These prisoners all were hanged at the back of prison clinic at 5 am . For the fear of people protest all over the world ,the judiciary power this time kept silence about the execution.

Regime is soacked with inflammable social,economical and political crisis.Even handeling with care is not going to save the regime . Ahmadinejad's regime must go.

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