Thursday, June 10, 2010

Green movement ,The fire under the ashes !

I think Musavi and karoubi made a wise decision at this situation. Regime had prepared itself, especially for the last few months to suppress the protest in a bloody manner. The regime has mobilized its forces and resources and god knows how much oil money they have spent for organizing itself for the June 12. Infact Musavi and Karoubi by calling off the rally , used a wise political tactic and this would become the start of a new political game between the green movement and the regime of coup d'etat, which intend to exhaust the regime. News coming from Iran shows that the regime mobilized huge number of its forces from all over Iran to an industrial complex (.....) ready to move on . These forces have been on alert. This itself takes alot of energy from this forces and eventually exhaust them. From now on they must stay on alert every day and night. As i indicated in my old posts , no one knows when the volcano will erupt and will bury the regime ,as what had happened on the 15th of June last year , in the night of June 14th, no one knew that four million people will pour to the street and protest the next morning. What we have seen during the last year was just the smoke.
Now, no leader wants to send its forces to an unfair battle. Of course Musavi and Karoubi wants to achieve political power for themselves ,this is what politic is, but on what expenses!? Although they repeatedly said they are not the leader of green movement.
The regime of Ahmadinejad armed to the teeth knows to play only one political game and that is what it has displayed so far to the Iranian and the world, the politics of oppression inside and destruction of our countrys' images outside. In my opinion just in the last week Ahmadinejad's government and politics faced two defeat in two front : inside a surprise by the decision of Karoubi and Musavi and outside of Iran the new sanction. But what Musavi and Karoubi is playing is a new politics in Iran , and Ahmadinejad and his cabinet are unfamiliar with this politics. The politics of building a civil society . This politics eventually will surrender the regime. For now and on the Green movement is ; the fire under the ashes and the regime's fear will continue.


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