Monday, June 07, 2010

Islamic Republic Regime secretly burried the bodies of the five political prisoners!

Last month with the order of Mr. Mohammad sadegh Larijani the head of the judiciary power of the Islamic Republic regime five political prisoners were hanged in Evin prison.Regime executed these prisoners without informing the families and lawyer.

Mr. Khalil Bahramian the lawyer protested on the secret burial of the five prisoners.Mr. Bahramian said: "Our effort to receive the bodies of the five didn't go anywhere and it has been said that; the security officials of the regime has burried the bodies of the five political prisoners.

Mr. Bahramian the lawyer on speaking with "Jaras" website said: It has been close to a month now and the families of the five political prisoners executed are looking for the bodies of their dears but getting no response from the Islamic Republic officials.

He added: The reality is , during these time we have written letter to all those who make decission for the country like the MP's, head of judiciary power, the provincial officials and....but unfortunately got no response. The head of judiciary power is a "Shah Sultan Hossain " King Sultan Hossain, who is seating on an important chair of the country like a coward and ineffective and just issuing bench warrant .

On a question about Tehran public prosecutor Mr. Jafari Dolatabadi, Bahramian said: In truth, i have no patience to talk to him because they don't response to their own decision they have promised .

Mr. Bahramian said: "When in a country the mind and logic doesn't rule , we have no other way than to wish that mind will rule over this ill system".

According to other news, when the families of the executed political prisoners questioned the Kurdistan governor about the bodies of their dears , he said : Those executed are burried but we are unable to tell you about the location because of security reason.

In another news, regime has executed 13 people in "Karaj Qazalhesar "prison. It has bee reported that another prisoner was executed in Isfahan city prison.
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