Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Grand Ayatollah Sanei:People should not be affraid,It won't be more than a few days and the oppressor will be punished !

In speaking on the anniversary of the death of Khomeini (in June 1989) and the "15 khordad " uprising which was led by Khomeini and his follower against the Shah of Iran (15 years befor the revolution in Iran on June 1963 ), the grand Ayatollah sanei the member of guardian council about the present situation said:

People should not be affraid,It won't be more than a few days and the oppressor will be punished ! Ayatollah Sanei like Ayatollah Montazeri have supported the reform government of Khatami from the begining .
According to the website of "Jamaran" , Ayatollah sanei told to the audience that:
"Misleadings, accusations, defamations and injustices will come to end and one day those who have done these actions against you people will regret and in this life before the afterlife , they will come before you , they will kneel down and will ask you to forgive them."
He added:
" The history is such that the injustices will come to an end with result. It is no way that the oppressor will go without punishment, at any rate the oppressor will get response to its actions, but we have to have patience and be hopeful."
While comparing the present situation with the time of Shah, grand Ayatolla Sanei said: "These people (who are running the country right now) are taking their last breath now"
Ayatollah Sanei also told the audience that: "Last year i have told that , the lie is becoming prevalent but what i didn't know was that it was becoming the culture (of the current government officials ), If all these people who have been arrested and detained are counter revolutionary then who is the revolutionary?"
IRAN WATCH CANADA: Its the Animal Farm and Napoleon is in charge ..........

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