Monday, June 07, 2010

Iranian people are geting ready for the anniversary of Election coup on Saturday June 12.

1-The organization of Mojahedin for the Islamic Revolution " Mojahedin Enghelabe Eslami"

2-The Association of Islamic Medical Society of Iran " Anjoman Eslami Jameh Pezeshki"

3-The Association of Women Journalists

4-the assembly of graduates of the Islamic Iran

"Majmae danesh Amokhtegane Irane Eslami"

5-The Mosharekat front of the Islamic Iran

" Jebheh Mosharekate Irane eslami"

6-The will of the people party "Hezbe Eradeh Melater Iran"

7- Assembly of the Forces in the path of Khomeini "Majmae nirohaye khate Emam"

8-The Assembly of the MP's " Majmae Nemayandegane Advar"

9-Green movement -City of Ahwaz

At 19:00 from " Pole chaharom and "Falakeh Shohada" to Naderi Street and down town .

10-green movement student - City of Tabriz

At 18:00 from Shariati crossing towards "Saat " Square

11-green movement - Mazanderan Province

12- Green movement students of the city of Mashhad

Mashhad Azad University

Mashhad Ferdousi University

Mashhad Khayam University

Mashhad Sajad university

The green movement supporter of the city of Mashhad called people of Mashhad to join the protest which is going to take place on Saturday June 12 at 16:00 hour from "Taghi Abad -Malek abad and "Falakeh Park - Sajad Blvd.

13-Solidarity Party for Islamic Iran " Hezbe Hambastegi Irane Islami"

14- the Association of Islamic University professors " Anjomane Islamie Modaresine Daneshgaha"

Also Mr. Musavi and Mr. karoubi separately sent their request for holding rally to Tehran Governor's office.

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