Wednesday, June 02, 2010

8 reformist political party and organization has requested for permision to hold rally on June 12 in Iran!

Picture: Letter and signature

According to "Parleman News" eight reformist political party and organization sent request to the Ministry of Interior for holding rally on June 12 the day that Ahmadinejad was named as winner of presidential election. These political party and organizations are:

1-The organization of Mojahedin for the Islamic Revolution

2-The Association of Islamic Medical Society of Iran

3-The Association of Women Journalists

4-the assembly of graduates of the Islamic Iran

5-The Mosharekat front of the Islamic Iran

6-The will of the people party

7-the Assembly of Forces in the path of Khomeini

8-The Assembly of the Parliament MP's

Also Mr. Musavi and Mr. karoubi separately sent their request for holding rally to Tehran Governor's office.

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