Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Schizophernic government of Ahmadinejad in Iran !

Iranian people are doing everything they can and in their power by puting their lives on the line to get rid of this schizophernic government. Of course the people in the green movement and their respective candidates like Musavi and Karubi want this process be a peaceful and no one knows if this didn't work what the people will do in the next stage. But surely One full year struggle and protest by millions of people women and men is the fact in front of the Iranian people and the whole world to think that the Iranian people are determind to get rid of this schizophernic Regime and its entire system of management and thoughts in a country as big and as old as Iran.
News coming from Iran are sadening or sickening ; for example to hear or see people are getting depressed day by day because of the five years presidency and policies of Ahmadinejad and his cabinet.
People can't believe and therefore trust this regime with its every day big lies.

One such lies goes about the records of this governments cabinet ministers. So far, several minister were found lying about their educational degrees.Recently another minister was found lying on his educational degree which he didn't even have and the irony is that he was member of a committee in university. (Mr. Kordan ,Mr. Rahimi and ....)

To be continued.....

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