Friday, September 17, 2010

Political prisoner Arjang Dawoodi is on his 64 days of hunger strike!

Political prisoner Mr. Arjang Dawoodi's life is in great danger and his weight has fell to 35 kg.

Report says that ; while unconscience he was talking about death. He is in "Rejaei Shahr" prison. In protest for cutting his phone and for confiscating and selling his home by Ministry of Justice he continue his strike. He also made a complaint against "Haj Kazem" the head of Rejaei Shahr prison.

To: International Institutions
Arzhang Davoudi launched his hunger strike to protest the great pressures inflicted on him. His demands include [rights] to standard telephone conversations and visitation. He also demands that his complaint against the head of Rajai Shahr prison Ali Hajkazem be investigated. Arzhang Davoudi also stressed that his confiscated house should immediately be returned to him by the judiciary so that his family is not stranded.

Background (Preamble):
LATEST UPDATE September 15, 2010: Arzhang Davoudi has entered his 64th day of hunger strike. His health is severely critical. It is reported that the risk of death for this educator is high: Davoudi who has been on hunger strike for over two months, and as a result is hardly able to speak or open his eyes, was transferred to the clinic at Rajai Shahr prison on September 14, 2010. Despite Arzhang Davoudi's extremely severe condition, at the clinic he was placed under pressure to sign a form which would assign him all responsibilities for the consequences of his hunger strike. He refused to sign the form while insisting to continue his hunger strike until all his demands are met.Arzhang Davoudi went on hunger strike over two months ago in protest to the denial of his right to make a phone call and the stalling of his lawsuit against Ali Hajkazem, the director of Rajai Shahr prison. Davoudi has also stated that if his case regarding taking back his home and stopping his family from becoming homeless does not move forward, he would take his case to international tribunals.The Davoudi home was confiscated and sold by the judiciary on the order of Judge Haddad who was presiding over the case at the time. Sometime ago, Arzhang's wife Nazanin Davoudi stated in an interview with Radio Farda, "Our home was our place of residence and a school where the cultural-educational center of Parto-e Hekmat was located. There were students studying at this place, but the residence was confiscated and its doors were sealed."Arzhang Davoudi was arrested and has been in prison since November 9, 2003 on charges of "acting against national security" and writing the "Manifesto of Secular Iranians."


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