Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nasrin Sotoudeh "The daughter of Mossadegh" and one of the hope for civil society in Iran is still on hunger strike in Evin prison!

Today Thursday Nov. 11,2010 the husband, sister and brother of Nasrin Sotoudeh the Iranian human rights lawyer were able to meet Nasrin in Evin prison for 10 minuites.She told family members that, she will stop her dry hunger strike( No food ,No water) due to request by friends and prominent Iranians but will continue hunger strike by taking just water ( No food).In protest to her arrest and detention and the condition of prison she went on hunger strike. She said; upto now three judiciary and one security officials had promised to release her but nothing has happened.It was the first time after two and a half months that; her husband was allowed by the Islamic regime and the judiciary to visit his wife in the jail. Her husband said; befor going to jail she was 57 kg and nine days after dry hunger strike she lost 13 kg.
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