Friday, November 05, 2010

Regime has detained Navid Mohebi a student for supporting reformists-green movement in his weblog !

Iranian weblog writers and civil-human rights rights advocates have protested to the arrest and imprisonment of Navid Mohebi a student and weblog writer !

Navid is 18 years old and for months have been detained by Khamenei-Ahmadinejad regime.He supports the " Campaign for One Million Signature" (which strives against discrimination and for the rights and equality of women) and the reformists-Green movement.In last presidential election he has supported Mr. Mehdi Karoubi a presidential candidate.Navid had passed the national enterance examination to universities and was accepted to start his education in political science of Azad University in Tehran.He did not attended his classes due to detention.Navid was arrested on 17th of september at his home in the city of Amol by eight agents from the Ministry of Information.His parents were told to shut their mouth and not to speak to media.


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