Saturday, January 08, 2011

The killing machin of judiciary power continue to ignor the world and presses the execution of another young Iranian !

Another young man is going to be executed in Iran. According to report the death sentence of Jafar Kazemi is going to be carried out in near future.His court file was sent to appeal court and to division number 31 of supperior court for review but both courts has denied the appeal and as a result the death sentence was sent for execution.

Jafar Kazemi is 46 years old and he was arrested on September 18 following the election rigging in a protest in "Hafte Tir" square, he was brought to ward number 209 in Evin prison and after 74 days he was transfered to ward number 350 in Evin prison.

He is accused of colaboration with "Mojahedin Khalgh' organization . In the past Jafar spent nine years in prison from 1981-1990. His wife Roudabeh Akbari in a letter to UN general secretary asked to help stop his execution.

It has been reported that; during the interrogation and court procedure jafar has rejected any membership and involvement with "Mojahedin Khalgh".

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