Monday, March 14, 2011

Iranian green movement opposition will hold their protest tomorrow as part of their planned every Tuesday's protest against khamenei dictatorship !

The protest tomorrow will coincide with Persian New Year calendar, "the every last wedensday of the year fireworks celebration". Up to now regime have faced fairly not big problems with regard to fireworks celebration and opposition ,only it was reported that 50 people were arrested last year , however this year the opposition has announced they will make this wednesday celebration part of their protest.

So far, several regime officials have issued statements threatening the people of dire consequences if they have been caught. Here are a few statements:

Mr. Ali-akbar Hamedi the Education Minister who have said:" Tomorrow Tehran will be closed two hours earlier.".

Mr. Ahmad Hajizadeh deputy to Qom city Governor suggested: "To keep students in their classes until the fireworks will end.".

Tomorrow's protest is part of "Every Tuesdays green movement's protest" up to the end of the year against the arrest ( either house arrest or detention , not clear )of green movement leaders.

Officials from judiciary to police forces are threatening protesters for arrest and dire consequences.

Colonel Mohsen Khanlarchi threatened those who would contempt with police orders or warnings.

In this year 's Persian New Year, low income familys and workers as well as middle class familys will face more harsher economic condition and this is biggest challenges the Government face.

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